Photography on Ceramic Photography on Ceramic
I hand form and glaze the tiles, fire my own photography into the glaze and hand frame each piece to create a rustic mosaic with a polished finish.

The Ceremonials The Ceremonials
These ceramic boxes are inspired by various spiritual traditions including the ancient temples of Angkor and the totems of shamanism.  They are hand built with marbled clay, part matte/part glossy glazed on the outside and high gloss glazed on the inside. 

Spirit Rattles Spirit Rattles
These butterfly balls come from a meticulous and meditative process, hand formed, drawn, carved, fired and glazed fired sometimes up to 5 times.  Then they are sager fired to let the fire and combustibles do what they will with them.  They have a soft, tinkling rattle and are fine art that are meant to be touched and handled.